VirtualDJ Pro Infinity 8.5 Build 6067 Multilingual + Portable

VirtualDJ Pro Infinity 8.5 Build 6067 Multilingual + Portable

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro Infinity 2021 successful BeatLock network, your songs are always beating, and you can work your mixes faster than any other DJ.

An effective unlimited sewing engine and a new synced sampling will let you do amazing live remixes, without any preparation at all. Visual representation and symbols allow you to clearly see the composition of the song, and you will not be surprised by the pause again.

Vinyl controls will allow you to scratch it like a real turntable, unless with a lock engine your spaces will never run out of blows. Add to that the unlimited number of cue points you can save for each song, the group of amazing effects is automatically hit.

Also add compatible locations to suit everyone from the beginning to professional DJs, opportunities to record your mixtures to burn them to CDs, stream online and have your own radio station, save your CDs directly to MP3, use a headphone preview songs or an external mixtable you can do at the club.

Lastly, enter a new era of DJs by connecting video clips (DVD, DivX, MPEG…) that you can send to the big screen. VirtualDJ Pro Infinity brings you all of that, in an easy-to-use, and very expensive way.

Features of VirtualDJ Pro Infinity Full

General controls (play, pause, pause, cue)
Volume control
Pitch control (from 34 to 34%)
3 bands equally with Kill + profit
One-click comparison and sync (new FAME algorithm)
BeatLock Engine: your songs will always be on time, and you can work on your mix faster than any other DJ
Automatic shading of machine-aligned
Automatic BPM calculation
Default pitch match
Automatic level alignment
Automatic strike comparison
Powerful dial-up for easy-to-draw comparison
Real simulation
Visual script: Put your mp3 with a bare hand
Automated LOOP function automatically
Sample synchronized with 12 Quick Slots
Master Tempo pitch algorithm
The first default and the last acquisition
Automatic phase detection of 4/4
OSC network synchronization
Unlimited number of closed desks (local or network model)
An infinite number of cue points are saved per song
Beat plugins – do not know the result (included: hitgrid, Flippin, voice remover, filter, flanger, backpin, brake, etc.)
VST results compliance
Video and TV integration (include songs and / or video clips!)
Full karaoke support
Proprietary of FreeFrame video effects
Inifite the number of video results simultaneously
Video plugins converted by DJ
Trademark search engine with easy-to-use search feature
CoverFlow or text browsing only
Compatible with iTunes playlists
ID3 compatibility
Automatic filtering folders
Automatic replacement of external hard drive
Fixed file recording to burn your mixed CDs
Online streaming
MP3 embedded CD
Choice of 3D sound card, 2 sound cards or Y-splitter for real-time monitoring or external mixtable use
ASIO audio card compatibility
Fully customizable (leather engine and macro engine shortcuts)
External MIDI keyboard compatibility with shortcuts
Compatibility with most external controllers (DMC2, DAC3, CDX, TotalControl, BCD2000, DJConsole, etc …)

What’s New in VirtualDJ Pro Infinity 8.5 Build 6067

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System & Technical Info

System Requirements and Technical Details
System: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 47
Processor: Multi core Intel Series or Higer, Xeon or AMD equivalent
Memory RAM: 4GB OR More
Free HDD Space: 4GB or Higher
Provided File Type: Zip
Size: FULL = 558 MB
Portable= 216 MB
DOWNLOAD (Official): Home Page

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